Girls – What to Bring to Summer Camp – 3 Points You Can’t Miss!

Summer camp is a fantastic experience for any young girl, but it requires a lot of preparation. The most important part of that preparation is bringing the right things. This can make the difference between having a wonderful time that you will cherish and having an uncomfortable time.

To avoid the anxiety of worrying about what to bring, we put together this list. It contains all the essentials for any young girl about to have her first experience at summer camp. I’ve organized it into 3 main points for you to follow.

1) Clothes. If the summer camp provides laundry services, you need not bring all your clothes in your dresser. Some important ones will surely do. It would be nice to bring some cutie clothes with you so that you’ll have something nicer for your time-offs. Have something presentable that you can use for the camp’s opening or closing days.

It’s a good idea to bring 5 or 6 light shirts, 2 sweatshirts and a rain poncho in case of cold or rainy days. You’ll also want to bring 3 to 5 paits of shorts for sport activities, a couple pairs of jeans, and 6 or 7 pair of underwear. For shoes, make sure you bring a couple pairs of tennis shoes and 1 or 2 pair of flip flops. Finally, bring a couple pairs of pajamas and a robe for the shower.

2) Essential items. If you are not going to stay on a cabin, a waterproof tent is the best. Some cooking equipments for your group will also be recommended. A sunscreen to protect you from the heat of the sun is also a wise idea, plus a touch of concealer, and a medicated lip-gloss. All of these make-up necessities are enough. Remember that at summer camp, the simpler the better, the lesser the greater.

3) Extras. If there is indeed a laundry service, bring also detergent soap. It would also be wise to bring some extras with you. These would include a flashlight with extra batteries too, an FM radio that will not require electricity (if the camp is strict with using it), a CD or MP3 player, a deck of cards to play with when there’s nothing else to do, a good book to read, a journal or a notebook where you can write your most memorable moments, insect repellent, and some disposable cameras to capture those scenes you will never forget.

What is important is that you stay comfortable while enjoying and making the most of summer. You don’t want to worry about anything when you’re at camp. It will be a great opportunity to make new friends and have a lot of fun!