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There Is More To A Fishing Trip Than The Fish

I have never really carried much for fishing myself. But, as I sit upstream watching an older gentleman and probably his grandson, I realize that there is more to a fishing trip than the fish they will bring home.

I watch almost mesmerized as the older man so patiently shows the young boy how to bait his hook and cast the line into the water. The young boy is hanging on every word and action.

And as they sit there waiting for a bite you can almost feel the grandfather hoping with all his heart that his grandson will at least catch one small fish today.

You can see the young boy asking questions and the grandfather encouraging patience.

Then the big moment comes. There is a tug on the young boy’s line and grandfather springs into action helping and teaching him how to get his prize out of the water. And in just moments, yes indeed he is placing his small fish into the fishing pail that they have brought along.

From the big smiles on their faces it is hard to tell who is happier with their success.

So we start the baiting process all over and this time the young boy is allowed to bait his own hook and cast it into the water. You can see the pride on his face as he accomplishes this task to his grandfather’s satisfaction and approval.

I watch for a while longer as they both bring in another catch or two to add to their pail. Then you notice that there is some serious talking happening between the two. I can’t really hear what they are saying from my distant location. But I know that intertwined in that conversation is some life’s lessons for the young boy and great satisfaction and pride for the grandfather as he teaches and passes on heritage to his grandson. Just the two of them alone on the bank; no cell phones, no traffic noise, no hurry; just life and love between the two of them.

And as you watch the day coming to a close and the two fishing buddies packing up their gear you realize that this has been a very special day of bonding for the two of them and that it will be remembered and talked about with fondness by both for years to come. There will be tales and taller tales about this day but underneath them all will be the unspoken bond that has bound them together and will see them through any rough times until the end.

And as I reflect upon this scene one realizes that it was not how many fish, or the size of them, that made this fishing trip special, but the human relationship between grandfather and grandson that will set the stage for the young man’s future for years to come. These are indeed the bonds that bind. I’m sure that as the grandfather’s twilight years approach the lessons of caring, love and kindness, learned on this day, will be put into practice by the young boy who will then be a young man.

Even after grandfather has gone on, this young man will have this memory to reflect upon and bring him pleasure for the rest of his life. And I’m certain that the lessons taught will be passed on for generations to come.

So the great lesson learned here is “There Is Indeed More to a Fishing Trip than Just the Fish”!